Who are We?

A simple truth: We are barely taught how to live well and have no real clue about how to address the passing of someone we love.

In losing someone we love, our life is forever changed. We need help with this so we can have an experience that allows us to face the loss and find a future for ourselves.

Our team at MY TRIBUTE to YOU  invites you into a time to respect and honor your loved one, while also coming together in community with family and friends left behind to process their passing. We will support you, help you get through this time, and provide a service to allow you to honor your loved one in a comforting, virtual room in the cloud.

Our live support team will help you set up the event, organize a memorable tribute, and will be with you through the whole process, from the purchasing of your Feather Package, to helping you with anything during your actual Tribute event.

Vision : Why?

At MY TRIBUTE to YOU, our purpose is to universally uplift what people experience over the loss of a loved one.

Mission : What and How?

Our mission is to guide people in creating a tribute to their deceased loved one, allowing them to move toward their future, inclusive of life, loss, and purpose.

Losing someone you love is difficult on everyone who was touched by that person. As an organization of people, we exist to help make that easier and to pay uplifting tribute to the person who has passed away.

We do this by creating events that offer an environment for sharing and inclusion, providing an opportunity to honor, love, and share special moments and attributes with others who also care about a loved one who has passed. This gives a special space for all who want to honor the person to do so.

Our History

In medieval times, people would hold gatherings for their deceased loved ones in their communities, as a means of remembering them, mourning, and praying for them. At times, their homage would last for days.  We have continued these rituals throughout the centuries,  but now, times have changed.  Today, family and friends live all over – both nationally and internationally.  Travel is expensive and is not always possible.  A person who experiences a loss has a need to be included in the sharing of the significance that person had in their lives.

MY TRIBUTE to YOU began when a friend of the family lost his wife of many years to cancer.  At the time of her passing, her husband was not ready to have a service.  Six months later when he was ready, COVID rules for traveling and for convening forbade a gathering.  Our friend found himself unable to move forward, even with the help of others.  A friend of his reached out to learn how we could help him move forward with some semblance of completion.

We offered to do a Tribute to his wife virtually, allowing him to invite as many as he wished to attend.  Those receiving invitations would not have to travel to share in this event. People who came had declared they needed help to move forward as well – this woman touched so many people.

To make the tribute, we did everything ourselves: production, technical support and creating and guiding the group through our un-tested design of our signature Tribute event.  There were 25 people who gathered in person, as well as another 70 in attendance virtually.  We included moments that allowed everyone to “move forward” with their lives while taking a part of this wonderful woman with them. Their response was so resoundingly positive, we decided to do more.

Additional processes have been implemented to allow groups to pay TRIBUTE and fully appreciate the role the deceased have held in their lives, including a forum to stay connected with each other if they wish to do so.  

It matters that we honor the people we lose, that we spend time together sharing stories, memories, accomplishments, impacts, and connections we all share because of these loved ones.

Now, we can come together virtually, pay Tribute to our deceased loved ones in a manner that moves us toward a new future. In the past, other cultures would take a special feather from a rare bird and pass it down to the next family member generationally.  We have taken on that tradition with our feather packages. Review them and contact us for deeper insight on the right one for you.